Focus Integrated Plate Carrier

We got a number of requests from officers asking if we were going to add pockets for hard armor in our Focus Tactical Carrier, and we wanted to accommodate that request while not adding unnecessary pockets for officers that didn't have hard armor at their disposal.  The Focus Integrated Plate Carrier, FIPC, is our solution.  

The FIPC integrates with the Focus Tactical Carrier in much the same way as our Fast Attach Placards.  Just remove the placard that you wear for daily duty, put the FIPC on and attach it to your carrier via the velcro on the rear of the front plate bag.  Cinch down the sides and you are good to go.  

The vest features full webbing on the front for any kit you want to put on, as well as velcro fields on the front and back for identifiers.  While the FIPC is intended to be used with the Focus Tactical Carrier, in a pinch it could be used as an emergency stand alone carrier, based on the level of protection your armor offers.  

We offer the carrier in Medium (10" X 12" "Shooter" Cut Plates) and Large (12" X 14" "Shooter" Cut Plates) and it can be fully color matched to your Focused Tactical Carrier.  Plates not included.