After searching high and low for an external vest carrier that fit our needs we finally gave up and decided to make one ourselves.  After three years of testing and development we came up with the final design for the Focused Tactical Carrier and we wear it every day to work.  
Product Features:
  • Fast Attach Front Placard allows for rapid donning of active killer kit, eliminating need for cumbersome "go-bag."
  • Custom matched webbing for professional appearance.
  • Three Mic Clip/Pen/Utility pockets (coming soon, rapid armor panel)
  • Two large front pockets capable of holding pens/notebooks, today's giant cell phones and extra rifle magazines.
  • Two interior pockets, carry radio's, batons, flashlights, back up weapons, tourniquets, rifle mags, etc., etc.
  • Interior webbing rows for adding versatility.
  • Slick rear for sitting in vehicles, with removable ID patch velcro field, 6"X3", perfect for plain clothes assignments.
  • Interior spacer mesh provides stand off for ventilation, communications tab provides a spot to attach ear pieces.  

Current lead time is 3-4 weeks. 

The versatility of our carrier allows you to go absolutely slick or crank it up to eleven with enough gear to make a sherpa cringe, all while maintaining a professional appearance.